Demo '17

by Wise

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released August 4, 2017



all rights reserved


Undertone Records San Diego, California

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Track Name: Neglect
Distraught, searching to cope
Forced to look for unattainable hope
Neglect the love that I once had for you
You saw my pain I know you felt it too

I'm holding on to what I feel
This pain is real

Masses of evil stand before me
Battled my dreams to face reality
The sun won't shine down on a clouded day
So why in my head do I always feel this way?

Burning in my mind
Words of regret
Creep inside
Sacred love, now, broken in two
You saw my pain you fucking felt it too
Track Name: Prisoner Of Light
Silent screams, a battle within
Your eyes are set forward but the future is grim
Overlooking the negligence of a former friend
Despite your anger, you can't win
A blade's striking down for all of your sins
You can't forget the memories held close to you
My worse case thoughts are coming true
I see your world start crashing

There's nowhere to hide
When worlds collide, you'll find
A lack of insight
Made you a prisoner of Light

A distant gaze haunts me
I feel your life slipping away
Betrayed by the sun and still, inside my heart aches
There's no escape
A soul once burned bright is now shaded grey
It seems that no eternal feeling is left to embrace
With more to learn and more to gain
Will you keep falling?

Tell me
You care
Tell me
Is your passion still there?
Track Name: Celestial Serenity
Creation of a void
Within my mind
I've reached the gates of hell
Am I dead or alive?
As time marches forward
I realize that I'm on my own
Is there a voice of reason
Or am I damned like the rest?
I can't attest

Declination of our kind
Celestial serenity
Controls our way of life

Elevate my sanity
I'm reliving a fantasy
Free from pain is far behind
Life crashes down I'm out of time
Track Name: Break Free
Break Free

Trying to maintain in a sea of rage
Scorned isolation with myself to blame
These thoughts alone, I can't seem to shake
My walls built of solace start to crumble
until they break

What will it take
To break free
From these chains?

Forged in the flames of a cryptic vision
My spirit is cursed by my indecision
A storm of emotions that I can't convey
Blur my sight, torment my brain - this is my fate